• Light Weight

    All our Lazy and Chill furniture weighs about the same as 6 and 1/2 apples: that's the same as one bottle of water!

  • Durable and Strong

    All of our Lazy & Chill furniture can withstand 200kg. They can take a beating!

  • Easy to Inflate

    Give yourself 20 seconds and all our furniture is inflated! It's as quick as that! Check out our videos to know how now!


How do you inflate it ?

Hold the mouth open wide, and slowly walk straight, catching the air like a kite. When full, quickly close the mouth and compress the air by rolling the mouth down the bag.

How strong is it?

Every style can withstand 200kg of stress! So have a wrestling match and see who wins!

Is it water resistant ?

Yes. Lazy & Chill furniture is made of Rip-Stop Nylon, so water will not deteriorate the fabric quality. Lazy & Chill furniture are not buoyancy devices and are not built be used on water. We do not recommend using in this way.

What guarantee do I have ?

Please refer to our returns policy page.

Is it child friendly?

Most definitely. We recommend 3+ for seating, and 10+ for inflating. Parental guidance is recommended for any children 9 years or less.


  • Emma Cadogan‎

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the guys and girls at lazy and Chill for great customer service. Very fast delivery and great that I could track the item. The product is amazing and great fun for all the family.

  • Ebony Lyons‎

    Thank you for our lazy and chill bag, we absolutely love it.

  • Scott Sayers‎

    Lazy bags are the best got one today and they are so easy to use and so comfy to lay/sit on 😍

  • Scótt Anderson‎

    Absolutely love our Lazy Bag's. Thank you guys 😆 Can't wait to try them out and about on days out.

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